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About Us

Gaon Ke Log was first started as a bi-monthly magazine from October 2016 from a village in Banaras district of Uttar Pradesh, which has been coming out continuously for the last six years. A total of 30 issues have been published so far. It is coming out despite some setbacks and continued financial crunch.

As the name suggests, it is an expression of marginalized societies, dedicated to public concerns irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region and any kind of narrow-mindedness.

In Gaon Ke Log Patrika, this matter was given a central place and efforts were made to reach out to those people who are constantly fighting against social injustice themselves with utmost importance to the mass movements and public questions going on in the country.

The purpose of this magazine has been to connect the conflicts between the villages-forests-mountains with the struggles of the wider human society. The Gaon Ke Log have written continuously against the destruction of nature and environment and the conspiracy to push the entire humanity into the pit of exploitation and degradation by the corporate, as well as the Manuwadi viruses that create a high and low gulf between human beings through brahminical thinking and behavior. .

It is necessary to say that this is the platform of our language which has strongly criticized religious fascism and anti-corporate and anti-people policies. Gaon Ke Log have advocated the rights of farmers, laborers, women, children, tribals, backwards, dalits and minorities with full courage without fear.

The Gaon Ke Log have also given priority and height to every voice of the public against corporate robbery, criminalization, forced land acquisition, deforestation, theft of rivers and illegal mining of mountains and environmental destruction. We have gone into the depths of issues and questions by doing ground-reporting from far and wide. Apart from this, we have also made the search, research and scavenging of mass culture against anti-culture as our important goal, documenting-publishing various culture forms, folk arts and people associated with them, evaluating the work of teachers who have done excellent work in rural schools and old age of societies. The combination of oral history with the memories of the old people has also continued.

Due to these actions and natural boldness and courage, many people have kept Gaon Ke Log close to their hearts and have given all possible support.

The website was launched on 26 June 2021 on Kabir Jayanti. Since then it has been running continuously and daily ground reporting and current affairs articles on various topics are published on it which has a large readership. is committed to advance the issues of social justice, equality, fraternity and equality and to make the voice of the last rung of the society accessible to the people. It is constantly making its readers sensitive and aware through its reports and articles. This website has published valuable, succinct and thought-provoking content every day on all important issues related to farmers, laborers, water, forests, land, environment, society, culture, politics, economy, dalits, backwards, tribals and minorities.

This website is a fearless platform against capitalist-imperialist exploitation, brahminical-manuwadi conspiracies. It gives importance to democratic understanding and discretion, unlike any kind of sensational journalism. By observing its contents, you will be able to understand very well that it is the platform of Bahujan Samaj.
Gaon Ke Log also have a YouTube channel which can be easily searched by typing @gaonkelogbsb.

All this is run by Gaon Ke Log Social and Educational Trust which is a registered trust active in the field of rural development, education, development of scientific consciousness, environment, folk culture, media since last seven years. For more information, you can visit It is powered entirely by volunteer donations from friends and a small fraction of the sales of Agora Prakashan’ books. Recently IPSMF has given a grant to Gaon Ka Log for ground reporting, for which we are thankful to them and hope that in the future, will become a standard for the best ground reporting.

Our Team:-
Founder-Editor: Ramji Yadav
Founder-Executive Editor: Aparnaa
Political Editor: Abhishek Srivastava
Chief Sub Editor: Rahul S Yadav
Cameraman: Shyam Sundar Paswan
Video Editor: Rahul Yadav
Video corresponds: Ram Janam
Office Assistant: Shalini Jayswal
Chief Correspondent: Laxmi Narayan Yadav (Jaunpur)
Editorial Committee: Vidya Bhushan Rawat, Gokul Dalit

Plot No. 132, Jai Durga Nagar,
Kadipur, Shivpur, Varanasi – 221003

Disclaimer: “Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation has provided financial support to Gaon Ke Log Social and Educational Trust for the purpose of reporting and publishing stories of public interest. Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation does not take any legal or moral responsibility whatsoever for the content published by Gaon Ke Log Social and Educational Trust on their website or on any of its other platforms.